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Teledermatology In Mexico

Teledermatology in Mexico

Teledermatology has become in recent times, a convenient form to encourage physicians and patients with skin diseases to provide or seek for medical attention.

In developing countries due to topographic challenges, distance and lack of resources, we identified the need of an improved way to spread knowledge to general physicians as well as the simplification for attention to patients in need. Therefore, the program of Community Dermatology Mexico C.A. had a turn in the way to provide the so needed medical attention and to educate health personnel in distant communities that otherwise would not be able to receive specialized care or support.

During the year 2016 Community Dermatology Mexico united efforts with Telemedicine Guerrero, of the Health Secretary of Guerrero State, in order to develop and provide educations to physicians, social workers, nurses and undergraduate general physicians practicing in the last year of the career who are the ones living at distant communities. Through the signal of telemedicine we transmitted live via streaming, to the seven regions of the Guerrero state that have internet signal in the main health jurisdictions in which health personnel is gathered to reach as many as possible.

For the last 25 years, this program was made directly at the communities with the aim to provide dermatological care to people in poor communities and to teach basic dermatology training to health personnel, to make epidemiological research, and to identify prioritary skin problems as well as referral of complicated patients, but it represented an increased waste of human, time and economical resources as the Guerrero state has 63,5596km2. In 2010 we had the first course of Teledermatology in Chilpancingo Guerrero, during which we settled the bases of what would become the actual project.
Nowadays, with teledermatology, we managed to improve the patients referral from every region, to send medications on request, to lower costs and to aim resources to more needed patients or with higher complications as in remote areas most of them do not speak Spanish only local dialects and the resources are extremely sparse.
We gave during 2016, 4 basic dermatology courses reaching 22 health centers with telemedicine system (hospitals, clinics and medical units), reaching 11,198 health personnel with a specific referral of complicated or difficult cases, and treated patients encourage others to seek medical attention trough teledermatology as it represents that they will not need to leave the safety of their community.

Trough teledermatology we now have a more efficient, continuous and effective way to give consultations with minimum limits of time and distance, as well as safer conditions, aiming to improve education of general practitioners reducing complications and achieving better health and life quality of patients.

We look forward to spread the interest in Mexico, center and South America that share the same health issues and that could benefit from the facilities of technology

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