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The International Society of Teledermatology is an online teledermatology service and consists of an open discussion forum on which experts are able to exchange knowledge of Dermatology in a second opinion workflow

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MDi Psoriasis, A New App

MDi Psoriasis, A new App

MDi Psoriasis is an app  that helps dermatologist individualize  therapeutic decisions in psoriasis patients depending on the clinical situation, personal history  and comorbidities.

MDi Psoriasis is based on an algorithm that incorporates numerous factors and situations necessary for decision making and  includes clinical form of disease, severity of psoriasis, comorbidities , patient´s age, previous treatments, reproductive status, etc. The combination of all these situations generates more than 500 possible and common clinical scenarios in patients with psoriasis.

The recommendations issued by MDi Psoriasis are based on technical data sheets , clinical guidelines and consensus from scientific societies and psoriasis working groups published in reference dermatological journals.

MDi Psoriasis is a free download app. It does not require registration, and does not collect personal data from doctors nor patients  to issue its recommendation.

It is available in spanish.

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