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The International Society of Teledermatology is an online teledermatology service and consists of an open discussion forum on which experts are able to exchange knowledge of Dermatology in a second opinion workflow

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American Academy Of Dermatology (AAD) Teledermatology Toolkit

American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) Teledermatology Toolkit

Back in 2011, Dr Anne Burdick and Dr Scott Simmons warned us about the coming train: the teledermatology train is coming: get on board, get out of the way, or get run over!

Only a few years later, we can find among the practical tools offered to AAD members a TD Toolkit with a precise, complete and useful information on how to implement a TD service in your office. Important issues as choosing a vendor, compliance, implementation, resources and the possibility to participate in AccessDerm.
AccessDerm is an Academy-sponsored teledermatology program that allows AAD dermatologists to provide care to underserved populations in the United States. By participating in the program, members and residents can consult remotely on dermatology cases using mobile devices and the Internet.

A great initiative and a condensed invaluable information for those who are taking their firsts steps into TD!

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