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The International Society of Teledermatology is an online teledermatology service and consists of an open discussion forum on which experts are able to exchange knowledge of Dermatology in a second opinion workflow

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A New Platform For Digital Slides: Pathpresenter

A new platform for digital slides: Pathpresenter

We are happy to share with you the next generation platform for digital pathology. This platform will complement teledermatology and help dermatologists provide a complete service.

The platform provides free access to thousands of digital slides encompassing the entire subject matter of pathology. You can use the digital slides for self-study, teaching, and integrate them into PowerPoint presentations. Integrating digital slides between PowerPoint slides is a breeze on the platform. The platform also provides you the ability to upload and use your own digital slides.

Like Microsoft Office, which provides the word like document with a lot of supportive elements (clip art, annotation tools, etc.), PathPresenter provides the platform and support (library of slides, ability to import PowerPoint, annotate slides, etc.) to make your own spectacular, interactive presentations. PathPresenter allows your slides to become your presentations. Your creations can be private or shared with your colleagues.

You can also upload and share slides with your peers to get a second opinion.
In the near future you will be able to generate quizzes and tests using digital slides for yourself or your peers and will be able to do a live webinar of your presentation through the platform.

So register, login, and enjoy all the features of PathPresenter.

Path presenter

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